April 2023 Cody Johnson

Cody Daniel Johnson, also known as "CoJo," is a straight-up, Wrangler-wearing, old-school hat kind of guy.  
He was born May 21, 1987 and raised in a musical family. He started singing and playing guitar at the age of twelve. Soon after, he began learning to play the drums and performed regularly at his church. 
As a teen, he competed in rodeos as a bull rider. He tried to make it on the rodeo circuit, despite several broken bones (right leg, both arms, a few broken ribs, right clavicle –but not all at once.) 
In early adulthood, Johnson gravitated to work as a prison supervisor following in his father's footsteps. 
Any fan of CoJo can tell he is a God-fearing, patriotic, and wholesome family man who lives and sings of God, country and family! At many of his concerts, CoJo gives a speech saluting members of military, police and first responders.  
You gotta give credit where it's due... that's why CoJo is nominated April 2023 winner for being PATRIOTIC AF!!!
If you want to learn more about CoJo... follow him at www.codyjohnsonmusic.com
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